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Datatag Car Security & Registration Theft Deterrent System

Datatag Car Security and Registration System

Electronic Security Identification System for Cars

Car auto theft is a major problem, often Police cannot identify stolen vehicles or stripped parts because the original manufacturers serial numbers have been deleted, changed or cloned making it impossible to prove theft, prosecute the thief and return the vehicle to the true keeper.

Market leading Datatag have been successfully combating this problem for years and have developed one of the most powerful theft deterrents available using "state of the art" identification technologies that are virtually impossible to remove, change or clone. These all NEW Thatcham approved systems are probably the most sophisticated security marking and registration systems ever developed to deter theft and defeat the criminals.

A Lifetime's protection for just one low cost with NO monthly charges or fees.

Our state-of-the-art stealth identification technology will not deface your vehicle.

The ALL NEW Datatag security and identification car system has been specifically designed for Prestige, Performance & Luxury 4x4 cars. For over 17 years, Datatag have successfully deterred auto theft and helped to stop vehicles being stolen and stripped for their parts or cloned and sold on to unsuspecting buyers.

Car Crime - The Real Truth

Every day at least 53 householders in England and Wales find that their car has disappeared following burglary of their home to obtain the keys, AA Insurance reveals.

In 2008/09 over 19,400 cars were stolen in this way, more than 1,600 per month: a 19% increase over similar figures announced last year.*

A further 2,700 car keys were stolen by robbery of individuals, a slight but welcome fall over the previous year.

* Cars 'Stolen during a robbery' and 'Stolen during a domestic burglary' (source: Answer by the Rt. Hon Alan Johnson MP to a question posed by the shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling MP on 27th February 2010). Figures assume an average value of £10,000 for each stolen car.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance says he is alarmed by the rising trend in key burglaries. "It's almost impossible to steal a modern car without first obtaining the keys."

"Our own insurance claims statistics show a similar trend with an average value of cars taken using stolen keys just over £10,000 - which underlines the increasing determination, patience and ingenuity of thieves targeting upmarket cars, even though the total number of cars stolen is falling."

"Although some cars are quickly recovered, particularly if they are fitted with a tracking device, many just disappear. It's believed that they are either taken out of the country in freight containers or broken up for the lucrative overseas spares market."


Datatag Car System Technology

Glass Tag Transponders

Glass Tag - This transponder is roughly the size of a grain of rice and can be easily installed. It contains a unique code number which is permanently programmed into its integrated circuit. The number cannot be altered or deleted.

Self-Adhesive Tag

This flexible self-adhesive transponder contains a unique code number which is permanently programmed into its integrated circuit. The number cannot be altered or deleted and is impervious to attack by electric shock and magnetic waves.

Window Warning Decal

These specially designed Datatag window decals show that your 4x4 is installed with a state of the art Datatag system and warn off any potential thieves.

Warning Decal

These specially designed Datatag resin domed decals warn off any potential thieves and are both attractive and impossible to remove without damage.

UV Etching

The unique invisible UV etching system form a major part of the risk deterrent and subsequent identification. This invisible UV etching won’t visibly mark your paintwork!


A superior microdot identification system developed for ease of use. The Datadots can be applied to any surface, thus making it virtually impossible for the criminals to locate and remove them all.

Datatag DNA

Is a unique chemical DNA solution. Each piece of plant or machinery will be protected with an invisible unique DNA code. Criminals will have to be confident they have removed every molecule of Datatag DNA. Datatag can supply this state-of-the-art DNA technology in paint, lacquer, glue, liquid, powder, grease, oil and a spray system.

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