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IMI Identification of Stolen Vehicles Course
23 / 24 November 2017
8 / 9 March 2018

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  • 23 / 24 November 2017
  • 8 / 9 March 2018

This Datatag Vehicle Identification Award Course is accredited with the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry).

The course came from a demand from operational Police officers needing a greater understanding and confidence of what they were looking at when stopping vehicles. The course covers most aspects of detailed identification, whether it is a physical inspection or one that is only seen in one dimention.  With the demise of law enforcement staff throughout the UK with Stolen Vehicle experience, the aim of this course is to introduce and train students in a cost effective manner.

This two day course will appeal to a wide range of law enforcement frontline staff. It will also appeal to Intelligence staff and those using DVLA , PNC and other record keeping systems on a regular basis. The course would also be of great benefit to other agencies involved in the investigation of reported stolen vehicles, or vehicle related crime ie Insurance, leasing and financing companies.

The ability for students to be able to quickly identify suspect vehicles, greatly enhances their operational effectiveness and empowers them to make time critical decisions which will impact financially on their employers. The course will also lead students into gathering evidence to support their findings for production at court if required to do so.   

By the conclusion of this course each student will have covered the following learning outcomes:
  1. Have a full understanding of the nature and extent of vehicle theft.
  2. Possess a working knowledge of DVLA registration system.
  3. To understand / interpret a vehicle chassis number.
  4. To be able to use PNC-VODS as an investigative tool.
  5. Understand ‘PNC Corruption’.
  6. Use/ understand open source databases relating to vehicles.
  7. Understand common ‘ringing’ methods.(Physical and paper).
  8. To recognise fake or altered chassis numbers and plates
  9. To be able to use a basic vehicle examiners tool kit.
  10. Possess a greater health and safety awareness re vehicle examinations
  11. To conduct a preliminary vehicle examination.
  12. Produce a written inspection report and evidential statement.

The cost of the course is £350* ex VAT per delegate.

To book onto the course, please contact Anna Howe at:

Certification costs: Motor Vehicle Identification - IMI - £23.00

Students who successful complete this course will also be given the opportunity to become members of the IMI.

*Please note registration and certification by governing body is in addition to these prices and will vary depending on the governing body.

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